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Welcome to ri25

We are a group of people who likes to ask themselves about the situation of the inventions of our world: useful and entertainment things that were invented a long time ago or not so far ago. They maybe still exist and are part of our life or maybe they are being forgotten slowly.

First of all, we are really concerned about the history of men's and women's headgear. We are going to speak about this invention in our main page because of its importance.

We are concerned about headgear because it is actually beginning to disappear as usual component of our clothes. It is from the 70ies to nowadays that we are not wearing headgears anymore. We are going to present you some different hats. We want you to be aware of the great variety of them and we want also that you feel the need to use them, as a normal part of your clothes.

Ladies first. So let's speak about the carthwheel hat, the cloche, the pillbox hat, the toque, the rain hat, the turban, the brim or the sou wester. And what about the balaclava, the beret, the bobble hat or the trilby? Yes ladies, thinking about these hats is thinking about an open world of dressing possibilities.

And what about men? We can think also about the trilby, the bowler, the skullcap, the boater, the astrakhan cap, the top hat, the shapka, the panama, the cap, the hunting capů

It is not really an interesting old world? It could become part of our modern dressing world.

Let's think about it.

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